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  • Dr. Edward Abeyta

    Dr. Edward Abeyta

    Dr. Edward Abeyta was recently appointed as the Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Director, Education & Community Outreach at UC San Diego (UCSD) Extension. Prior to joining UCSD Extension in 1995, Edward began his service at UCSD as a counselor for the Early Academic Outreach Program serving underrepresented students in San Diego high schools and later was assumed the role of Registrar and Director of Academic Services at UC San Diego Extension. Dr. Abeyta has a B.A. from the University of New Mexico, a M.A. from the University of San Diego and his Ph.D. in Post Secondary Adult Education from Capella University. Edward has been recognized from UCSD and the UC Office of the President for his involvement in staff diversity and development initiatives. In 2008 Edward was selected to a two year term as the Staff Advisor to The Regents. He currently serves on the UC Diversity Commission, Post-retirement Task Force, and The Regents UC Commission on the Future.
  • Maysoon Dong

    Maysoon Dong

    Maysoon Dong is an Associate Director for the Education & Community Outreach Department at UC San Diego Extension. She has worked for UC San Diego in a variety of different capacities for over 8 years. Prior to working with UC San Diego Extension, she was the Assistant Director of the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) program at the Jacobs School of Engineering. She also worked in the Division of Biological Sciences as a Program Coordinator, developing and maintaining continuing education programs for professionals in the field of biotechnology. Maysoon received her B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from UC San Diego and received her M.S. in Economics from Boston University.
  • Diana Hernandez

    Diana Hernandez

    Diana Hernandez received a B.A. in Sociology from UC Merced in 2016 and a Master’s in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs from SDSU in May 2019. Prior to joining UC San Diego Extension, she served as a member of the Center for Student Involvement within Student Life at UC San Diego, where she was a program coordinator in Communication and Leadership, helping to oversee programs such as the Triton Community Leadership Institute. She has worked to support career development, personal growth, social justice issues, and initiatives that create a sense of belonging for underrepresented students.
  • Anais Perez

    Anais Perez

    Anais Perez received a B.A in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality studies from California State University, Long beach in 2019 and a Masters in Higher Education from California State University, Fullerton in May 2021. Anais has previously worked with UCSD Extension as an Office Assistant for Academic Connections, providing support for students, parents, and staff. She has also served as a Graduate Assistant for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at California State University Fullerton, helping co-advise student organizations and assist in academic advising and student success initiatives. She has also worked as a Project Assistant for San Diego Mesa College’s Promise Program and Outreach Department where she facilitated in program development, outreach efforts, and social media management. She has worked to provide students with access to higher education and strives to assist students in obtaining their own versions of success.
  • Namphuong Pullman

    Namphuong Pullman

    Namphuong Pullman is a Program Assistant for the Education & Community Outreach Department at UC San Diego Extension. She serves as the central point-of-contact for students, parents and pre-college partners. Additionally, she advises and provides guidance on Extension pre-college courses and programs and manages the LAUNCH program, which enables qualified UC San Diego undergraduate students to take an Extension certificate at no cost to them. Prior to joining the team, Namphuong worked at Extension’s Student Services office as a Student Affairs Advisor. She advised students on academic programs, registration procedures and policies, and financial assistance. She also served as a School Certifying Official by providing assistance in the certification of VA educational benefits. Namphuong received her B.A. in Human Development from UC San Diego.
  • Shae Candelaria

    Shae Candelaria

    Shae Candelaria is a transplant to San Diego from New York City who traded Broadway for Biology. She is a Program Assistant for several PreCollege programs at Extended Studies including Research Scholars, Sally Ride Science and Futures. Her BFA in Theatre and skills as Stage Manager helps her assist all our students broaden their horizons.